Mastercutter Academy
Advanced haircutting workshops and private hands-on hair cutting and styling classes designed to teach classic precision hair cutting and styling. Experience what it's like to take a Mastercutter Academy workshop or private class.
To be a great hairdresser, you need confidence. To gain confidence, train with Laara Raynier, the authority on precision haircutting.

Would you like to have Mastercutter Academy at your salon to train your stylists and assistants?
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At the Damian West Salon. Between 4-6 students per workshop
Workshops are from 10am-5pm.

Sunday May 4, 2014
​Classic Precision One-Length Bob
Can you cut a straight line?

Sunday May 18, 2014
Advanced Graduation Techniques 
Focus on the graduated bob or short round graduation.

Sunday June 8, 2014
Blending, Layering, Growth Patterns and Blow-drying
First-time offered!

    Call: 212-995-9334
"Laara Raynier was trained by one of the best in the world and it shows. I would highly recommend Laara to anyone who wants to be taught the art of cutting hair."
-Michael Gordon, Founder, Bumble & Bumble
Stylists from Australia, Germany, India, Brazil and Italy, Hawaii, North Carolina, Chicago, Washington D.C., Pittsburg, Atlanta, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maine, Los Angeles, Connecticut and New Jersey have traveled to New York and California to train with Raynier, a coach who is intense, focused and passionate about training stylists. Her enthusiasm and visual artistry will motivate and inspire you.
Laara Raynier was trained in London and New York and mastered classic precision haircutting from the hair legend himself, Roger Thompson of Barney's NY. Thompson was one of the creators of precision haircutting as we know it and was the first world art director of Sassoon's in the '60s. Raynier worked with him at Barney's for ten years. Laara was also trained by and works with Edward Tricomi, of Warren Tricomi, where she learned to master long hair, blending, layering, styling, and blow-drying from the salon to the runways. Laara teaches unique and incredible techniques she learned from the masters.
Hands-on one-on-one training with Laara Raynier.

  • Individualized for you: Private hands-on classes designed specifically to for the haircuts you want to focus on and master.

  • Master the most difficult haircuts. Train your eye, learn consistency, form, shape and amazing techniques. Build your confidence and go to the next level.

  • Unleash your creativity. Get a real understanding of every type of hair and how to approach it with style, certainty and confidence.

  • Get the best hands-on training. Learn from and train with the authority on precision haircutting, Laara Raynier and her 25 years of experience.
Laara was not allowed to use a blowdryer when she began her training with Roger Thompson. The haircut had to stand on its own; this is type of training you will get! Workshops are intimate to ensure you receive individual attention. Gain confidence, precision and technique from Laara Raynier's Mastercutter Academy. Read the testimonial page and see what people have to say!
"Laara has the most amazing, enthusiastic personality. She has integrity, passion, and humor. Laara is doing it with love, grace, and passion, which is my dream."
-Tim Hartley, Hair Innovator
We teach you how to consult with a client and the importance of the consultation.
Call (212) 995-9334 for availability.
Sunday, June 8, 2014
Working With Growth Patterns:
Blending, Layering, and Blow-drying

Sunday, May 18, 2014
Advanced Graduation

Sunday, May 4, 2014
The "In" Haircut
Classic Precision One-Length Bob

The consultation is included in every haircut we teach!